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Title: "We'll Be In Touch" (possibly Chapter 1 of several??)
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Author: rightfootred
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of past substance abuse and other very sad stuff, hints at PTSD & depression, and puppy cuteness.
Word Count: 2375
Spoilers: Since it's a modern!AU, none that I can think of for the movie...
Summary: Max Rockatansky never imagined he'd adopt a puppy with a woman he met in Narcotics Anonymous, but then again, he never thought he'd go to Narcotics Anonymous. Life's a hoot that way.
Notes: Ahh so many challenges with modern AU's. I found myself going on all these tangents like, "but what would Max's outfit look like??" and forgetting about, you know, the story. And ugh, anon, there is not enough puppy. I'm sorry. The story kind of ran away from me and turned into lead-up-to-puppy. I think I'll do another chapter or another story in the 'verse when I have time!!

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Title: "If Found, Return to Furiosa"
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Author: rightfootred
Rating: R
Warnings: On the cracky side, descriptions of peril/injury, my other usual B.S.
Word Count: 2180
Spoilers: Just gonna say read at your own risk if you haven't seen the movie.
Summary: From a truly delicious prompt on the kink meme that really does say it all: every single post-apocalyptic wasteland community out there has some notion that the guy who keeps turning up lost/injured/starved/delirious with sunstroke on their turf belongs to furiosa. is he her bff? husband? strange giant grunty pet? all of the above? the post-apocalyptic wasteland communities don't know, but they really don't want to get on furiosa's bad side. so they drag banged-up max back to the citadel in multiple hilarious instances of 'hey we found your person??'

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Title: "The Not Happened Yet"
Fandom: "Mad Max: Fury Road"
Author: rightfootred
Rating: R
Warnings: Discussions of peril/death and injury, and pain meds
Pairing/Genre: Gen or very light Furiosa/Max
Word Count: 2064
Spoilers: The entirety of "Fury Road" could potentially be spoiled by reading this, to be fair.
Summary: From a prompt on the Mad Max kink meme. OP wanted an AU in which Max, instead of marching off "all lone wolf" into the desert, succumbs to the injuries he acquires in the movie, and things go in a lovely h/c direction from there. ;)
Creds: Opening quote and fic title from the song "Adventures in Solitude," by The New Pornographers.

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FIC - "Sometime Voices" (Gen)

Title: "Sometime Voices"
Author: rightfootred
Rating: R
Warnings: Something akin to a panic attack depicted, substantial talk about blood, language
Pairing/Genre: Gen
Word Count: ~2800
Spoilers: spoilers for 2.20 "What Is and What Should Never Be"
Summary: Written fashionably late as usual for sparrow_lately's hoodie_time comment fic meme. Dean's not doing so great after is djinn experience – not that Sam needs to know, of course. A gap filler of sorts for the end of 2.20, featuring hurt!woozy!panicky!Dean and awesome!Sammy and hella angst.
Notes: Pardon my brain's occasional and brief breaks from canon, if you happen to spot any. ;)

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Happy Labor Day!

Hope all my U.S. friends are eating and relaxing and mostly eating!!

I'm currently enjoying a nice iced coffee and poring over my unfinished wishlist / comment meme fills. Ahhhhhhhh. :)

If there's something I said I'd fill for you and you haven't heard back about it, I implore you to poke me and be like hey Lily what gives okay thx. Fic for all!


GRAPHIC - "fractis alas"

I'm posting another fic as soon as my brain can rediscover how to make words happen. In the mean time: made this for tumblr, puttin' it here anyway:

fractis bw hi contrast

I have an unhealthy obsession with watercolor brushes in CS6 and Cas's face.

New banner! + cred where it's due.

Whaaaaaat did I just stay up all night doing. Making a banner, apparently.

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Title: "And When the Darkness Comes, We Smile"
Author: rightfootred
Rating: R
Warnings: Surgery-related nightmare fuel (for real), semi-graphic Hell memories, strong language, author potentially going overboard with her usage of gallows humor
Pairing/Genre: Gen
Word Count: ~1500
Spoilers: General stuff through the beginning of Season 4
Summary: Written fashionably late for crowley_gal's prompt on hoodie_time's hurt!Dean comment fic meme: Dean gets anesthesia awareness while under the knife. It's about as fun as you'd expect.
Notes: Do I know the first thing about performing surgery? Nope. Do I know the first thing about waking up during surgery? Nope. Here's a really interesting article, though, about music in the O.R. Title and excerpts from The Carpenters's "We've Only Just Begun" - a song that is creepier than it has any right to be. ;)

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